We are business partners as well as investment partners

Pollen Street Capital has developed a unique specialist, non-bank lending business. The model has been developed over more than 10 years and leverages the Group’s expertise, long-standing relationships and data analytics to lend into those sectors to earn attractive risk-adjusted margins.

The investment model comprises: -

  • Target underserved markets across wide market opportunity set
  • Preferred access to originations built upon trusted relationships
  • Partnership model enables best in class execution and nimble approach to new opportunities
  • Conservative, controlled and consistent underwriting
  • Data and infrastructure excellence
  • Active portfolio management and servicing

Capital is allocated only to markets with attractive through-cycle return.

Structural change drives opportunities in specialist lending market


Structural change drives opportunities in specialist lending market

Bank repositioning provides an opportunity to disintermediate many attractive asset classes.

  • Changes to regulatory capital requirements create inefficiencies in certain asset classes.
  • Heavy cost structures – branch infrastructures, payroll etc - impair banks’ competitiveness on small loans.
  • A growing part of the economy is underserved by traditional banks.
  • Banks' focus on commoditised and large-scale markets creates opportunities for specialist lenders.

At the same time, advances in data and technology facilitate an alternative lending model.

  • Big data and transparency have levelled the information playing field with banks.
  • This enables strong risk models and large datasets with which to accurately evaluate borrowers’ creditworthiness and default probability.
  • High quality operators are able to compete with attractive service propositions.
  • Entrepreneurial leaders create new winning models and go the extra mile to deliver customer service.
  • Technology-enabled platforms benefit from lower infrastructure costs, compared to bricks-and-mortar traditional banks.

In short – change creates opportunity.


We work with a range of origination partners

...with whom we develop trusted relationships and integrate into the PSC Network.


Real estate lending that offers more than banks, against gross development value and total project costs, allowing borrowers to spread their capital further and maximise return on equity.

  • Zorin Finance is a provider of development finance and bridge loans, secured by UK residential property
  • Bespoke property lending offers an attractive risk adjusted yield and is an area from which most high‐street banks have retrenched from
  • Zorin distinguishes itself from banks by offering attractive speed of lending, increased flexibility and greater service levels owing to its specialist focus

Partnering with an experienced, pragmatic and motivated team

  • Zorin is backed by Founder and CEO Luke Townsend (a real estate, media and technology entrepreneur), Sir John Beckwith (real estate and asset management magnate; founder of Pacific Investments) and Pollen Street Secured Lending plc – each owning a 1/3 stake in the business
  • All parties are aligned with an equity stake so that lend is geared towards quality of loans rather than volume of transactions
  • Each loan is vetted by external third-party valuers and quantity surveyors, and then approved by both the experienced Zorin team, and finally by our investment team

A profitable partnership

  • Since partnering with us in 2015, it has committed over £400m of capital to small and medium sized developers, helping to build over 1,500 new homes
  • Zorin has provided over 110 loans since inception, with zero capital losses and average gross unleveraged returns on outstanding balances of 10.5% pa

Pollen Street Capital has a proven ability to identify growth trends and changing customer behaviours and to target investments with a clear, differentiated and distinct proposition in specialist areas.

We work with partners who have a solid foundation and strong core attributes, supporting them and their management teams with expertise and capital to drive growth.

Market-leading loan marketplace, with proprietary technology solutions and a trusted B2B brand

Trusted UK online loan marketplace, using leading technology to connect lenders and borrowers

  • Freedom Finance is a leading loan marketplace, with around 500,000 UK consumers using the platform to connect with a range of lenders providing unsecured loans, secured loans, and mortgages
  • The business has developed a unique, proprietary technology platform which helps borrowers easily find the best available loan offer and proceed quickly to funding with their chosen lender.

Investing together to improve the lending journey and deliver better customer outcomes

  • We have worked closely with Freedom to develop loan products that better meet customer needs, generating better outcomes for borrowers
  • Investment to improve customer journeys, reducing the time and effort required from customers to move from enquiry to payout through utilisation of technology
  • Assisting Freedom in expanding their coverage of the lending process, driving better conversion rates and capturing greater share of the value chain

Creation of a profitable partnership, delivering benefits to Freedom, PSC, and our customers

  • Since inception, £72m of loans have been funded through this partnership, with 7,380 new loans completed
  • The partnership has led to strong gross yields for PSC Credit, with average APR on loans generated of 14.8%

A "niche" provider of Retail Consumer Finance products servicing the Education & Training, Home Improvement and Holiday Ownership markets

Training apprentices for career success

  • Caledonian Consumer Finance is focussed on providing training loans in the UK to support consumers who are seeking to develop a range of skills principally in the construction and property maintenance industries
  • Over a number of years, the business has developed a unique relationship with a very high-quality training delivery organisation as well as a good understanding of the customer base leading to a good customer outcome and strong lending performance
  • The training courses offer students flexibility to be studying as well as working; most importantly students can get apprenticeship through the training organisation making it easier for them to earn an enhanced living after completing the course

 A long and trusting history of partnership and understanding

  • Pollen Street Capital has known and supported the principals of both Caledonian and the training company for almost 10 years making this funding arrangement an evolution of a long-term partnership.
  • The foundation of the current relationship is certainty of funding availability based on clear criteria that enable the business to confidently invest in course enhancement and delivery.

 An effective and evolving relationship

  • The initial relationship was based on a series of loan book purchases totalling £27m. These have performed in line with plan.
  • In recent months we have simplified the lending mechanics by putting in place a revolving credit facility. This facility benefits from significant loan asset cover as well as various other standard security arrangements.

An industry-leading alternative lender funding property development in Ireland

Helping to build a better Ireland

  • Castlehaven Finance was founded in response to the need for an alternative lender to enter the residential development market in Dublin, as the market began to recover in 2014
  • Castlehaven believe in integrity and choose quality projects which promise to improve their surrounding areas and offer top-of-the-line housing for new residents
  • They build lasting relationships by making borrowing as simple and straight-forward as possible, and share an established interest in the success of every project

Since partnering with Castlehaven in 2016

  • The business is now one of the top non-bank development finance lenders in Ireland
  • The business has grown from an original team of 3 in 2014 to a team of 13
  • Having started lending in Dublin the company now provides finance nationwide

Delivery of Housing

  • Since 2014, they have lent over €360 million for property development projects throughout Dublin, Limerick, Cork, and Galway
  • The funding provided so far has enabled the construction of over 2,000 homes
  • In addition to providing finance for private developments, Castlehaven has also provided finance for over 300 social houses throughout Ireland